I learned to be careful of what I allow to anchor me. There are some situations, certain waters shallow enough, where my mom or my friends can keep me grounded. Their the perfect size for God to use to reach the ocean floor.

But then there are the deep things of God, that water where the only thing capable of anchoring you is God. Any other thing or person that you try to tie to you will only bring you down and anchor you to death. The death of your joy, your dreams, your hope, you. It’s not their fault, it’s you that placed them in a position they were not created to fill.

The “scariest” part however is the “de-anchoring.” It’s where you need to trust God enough that He won’t let you drown while you dive down under and untie whats actually drowning you. Its scary because when going under you will drink water of doubt, loneliness, insecurity, and a myriad of other things that make you believe that you are better off keeping them there. So you come back up with the illusion that you will drown without them, when really God is the one holding you, looking down on you saying “can’t you see how far you have fallen?”

I see now God.


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