Stop. Sing. Repeat.

I realized when I post that I almost always am in a bad place writing about how God is keeping me throughout it. I don’t ever post when I am in a good place despite internal turbulence. This is partially because I desire to share with the world the hope that I feel that God gives me in my pits, in hopes that it would encourage someone else. When I am having a good moment then I am up enjoying that moment and doing everything I had been neglecting and therefore don’t stop to write about it. Also, my good moments are the byproduct of realizations that God gives me about myself that I don’t know how, and am not ready to write about because I am still learning, living, and working through them, and that is something I like to do with God alone.

But yes, I do in fact have good moments. Sometimes I smile and laugh and bounce off the wall when God completely blows my mind and leaves me with no choice but to crank up the speakers and in my awful voice sing to Him because He deserves it, and because I believe the words I am singing.

So today one of the songs I have been cranking up and dancing to, albeit horribly rhythm-less, is this puppy right here. Hope you all enjoy it too!


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