Why Make Idols?

I am posing this question to everyone who comes across this post. Please do not be afraid to post your thoughts in the comments. All responses are welcome. 

Why do we make idols, especially after God has proven himself to be God? The Israelities were a people who miracle after miracle created idola after idol. Why? 

I am meditating on this question and will post a response whenever I have an answer. 

In the meantime, share with me what is on your mind concerning this! 


3 thoughts on “Why Make Idols?

  1. the majority of people want ot make themselves many idols or gods. We can find the old gods in the ancient times, like Zeus, Baal and Apollo, but also our modern times have their gods, like Justin Bieber, Madonna, Britney Spears, John Clooney and many other entertainment and sports figures.

    Lots of people want man to stand on the level of the God and made therefore Jesus into their God and his mother in a goddess or in a mother of god.

    Al people should come to know that there is only One true God, the Divine Maker of all things, The Adonai, Elohim Hashem Jehovah Who is One and not a multiple godhead (no binary or trinary god). That Divine Maker of all things, the God of gods and Host of hosts, is the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and his disciples, the Giver of life. In Him should we trust and put all our faith. Only He has all the Power of the world and can make a beginning or an end to all things. though mankind should know He is a jealous god Who wants to receive the only true worship and does not want to see any graven image of Him nor any other god. He wants Him to be in the heart of every human being, that has to show respect to Him and His creatures and the whole creation (animal, plants, planets).


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